You don’t need to be a professional, or even consider yourself a photographer.

Our sole purpose is to provide a place where anyone with an interest in photography can come to learn and share with others. Whether you want to look around, need some help, or would like help others, this is the place!

What Type of Camera & Equipment do I Need?

There are no special camera or equipment requirements to enjoy the information on this site. Even if you still shoot with film cameras, you are welcome here. Many general photography topics that are discussed here will apply to film or digital. And even if you don’t have a digital camera, you can still enjoy many of the benefits of digital photography simply by scanning your images or having them saved to a CD by your lab!

Does This Site Cost?

No, Completely Free!!!

If you are wondering what the catch is, there is none! We simply have a sincere interest in sharing photography knowledge and interests with others.